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I almost posted this on the rescue forum since that is where we normally read and hear stories like the one below. I just came across Tasha's families website and they could really use some holiday spirit and your extra change this year.

Having been in rescue for over 10 years now, I normally get these calls from the veternarian saying they are going to put the dog down unless someone will pay for the surgery. This family is doing all they can to save Tasha and for her to remain a part of the family. Please... let us help them.

I know member of this site can be very generous, I have seen it through the donations you send to Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue. I am going to take up a collection for Tasha at our parade this weekend in Sacramento.

Please give what you can - even if it is only a few dollars. In the converse of "many hands make light work"; "many small amounts add up".

Here is their website...

Tasha is located at:

Olive Animal Hospital
6 Reservoir Road
Shokan, NY 12481
(845) 657-7146
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