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Hello fellow golden owners , long story short my boy is 1 year and pushing 3 months old now , and keep in mind i dont have access to his vet till 2 days from now , what happened what , absolutely out of nowhere he lost a finger tip or two worth of hair on both his back legs ankles almost pararell to each other , and tonight i get a call since i wasnt home and my enzo was with my parents my mom told me his ankles are turning kinda reddish and he’s in pain , so i rush home , his behavior is the same all bright and active and happy to see me so is his diet , but he obviously doesnt wanna put any weight on his right leg , i checked no cracks , tendons intact no weird scars nothing , all though one of the legs semmed i donno kinda bumped or scrapped since there was some sort of dey blood or closed injury mark , and keep in mind enzo is an indoor dog , cant and wont go outside unless he’s goin for a walk with one of us and his vet in on vacation , what can this possibly be ? Should i be concerned?? Im a first time owner so im way too sensitive when it comes to my boys well being

The pics are from yesterday , i sent thwm to his vet and no response yet. Yesterday there was no doslike to put weight on his right leg but to ight its like he doesnt wanna put too much weight on his right leg
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