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Play time in the kitchen!

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Some play and fun inside :) All three Goldens and Spirit are in these. Brooklyn's on the other side of the gate with baby Ian and Rig (Rig's not in the pics, he's on the sofa asleep). Too cute.


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What a good-looking pack you have there! Ian and Brooklyn are adorable!!!
Looks like a fun handful, Jenna! You just can't get a bad picture of Ian, can you? Too cute.
What a great group! I love the one of Ian on the other side of the gate looking at all the pups and they are looking at him. Very nice.
Cute pics! Ian sure loves his fur brothers and sisters! :D
Ian LOVES the camera!!!

He was laughing at the dogs and squealing with joy in the pic of him from behind :)
Ian has the most gorgeous eyes!
Great shots.
Ian always looks like such a happy little man. :)
Your dogs are so pretty, but that baby boy is just adorable, he's always happy!
I bet Ian can't wait til he's bigger and can go wrestle around with his buddies :)
Yup, he wants to!!!
O'kay... now I know the pics were of the pups... but I can't help myself... I am BLOWN AWAY by baby Ian's eyes... they are soo beautifully blue!!!!

And the pups are all adorable too hehe!!!
Awww, my little one has so many admirers! The ladies just love him!
wounderful pictures.!!!!!
Love all the pictures. Ian is a cutie and getting big. The girls are going to be chasing him!
That is a fine looking crew you have there. Ian looks like he loves having so many furry brothers and sisters. Is he always smiling like that?
They are all gorgeous and Ian is a sweetheart.
Yes he is a happy guy! He smiled at the doctors today, and he didn't even care about getting shots!
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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