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Good morning! We have a 16 month old golden mix (we suspect golden pry mix but don't really know, she was a rescue). She is a very friendly dog but is pretty territorial. We live in an apartment complex and she thinks we own it all!

We have had her about a month and when we first got her she was nervous with new people but good with dogs. She has gotten better with people it seems but now we are having a little problems with dogs.

She loves to play with other dogs and we have been socializing her. However twice in the last week she was playing with a dog while on a walk with me and in the midst of playing made an aggressive sounding bark and lunged at and snapped at two different dogs. The odd part is she nicely greeted both dogs and happily played for a few minutes before the lunge/snap. And it appeared that her tail was wagging during both entire encounters.

We are just new dog owners who love our baby and want to do what we can to help her be the best dog she can be. Any advice? or is she just playing and we shouldn't worry about it?
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