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Pippa Dock Diving

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We were able to give Dock Diving a try today at the Golden Rescue Picnic. Pippa jumped off the dock on her 2nd try. (The first time she went down the ramp) She just absolutely loved it! The facility offers classes and next summer I should probably sign her up. We are also able to rent the pool to use on our own so we may do that as it's great exercise and she is just so happy. Looking at the picture of her about to go off the edge, I see she is smiling.


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Yes she was smiling!!! She loves it, it looks like!! Great shots!!
Pippa looks like a natural. Glad she found a sport she loves.
YEAH PIPPA! Great pictures! I am sure she is resting well after that. Also know she probably had a blast!
Way to go Pippa! My two would love to do this.
What fun!! Your girl looks verrrry happy!
Hey that's fantastic!!! Bet she will just love to take some classes!!!
great photos! Isn't that the most fun EVER??? It's a very addicting sport!
great photos! Isn't that the most fun EVER??? It's a very addicting sport!

Yes dock diving was a lot of fun for us and for Pippa. Unfortunately they closed off the dock diving once the contests started so it cut our fun short. Pippa would have stayed there all afternoon. We went and tried the agility ring after dock diving and she definitely isn't a natural at that! She went through a tunnel once, refused to go over any jumps but LOVED the A-Frame even though she struggled and struggled to climb it. It was pretty funny to watch but then she was so proud of herself for making it up and down the A-Frame she wanted to do it again!
agility is fun, too, but my guy likes the water sports more!
Way to go Pippa!! That smiles says it all. I bet she will be so excited when you tell her she gets to take classes. My Pawley would be a real natural for it too. He loves to fly thru the air to chase the ball in the pool.
I love that it says "No Diving" on the 3rd picture...yet what you are guys doing?? haha

Good job Pippa!
So cool. Don't know if any of our three would do the Dive or not. Jordie wouldn't--he's not too much into water. (Always wondered if he was a cat in GR's clothing....).

Great pics. Hope Pippa gets to do more diving soon!

I couldnt help but smile back at Pippa. She was having soooo much fun.
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