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Picture of Mercury (my rescue Siamese or Tonkinese)

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This is Mercury. He is the most wonderful cat imaginable. You can't see his eye color in my pic but they are beautiful light blue. My daughter rescued him in 2001 and they guessed his age at 1 or 2 yrs then.
I posted elsewhere that he has been throwing up periodically. The vet first thought he was just eating too quickly. Smaller amounts more frequently stopped the vomitting, but now he is having diarrhea. So, we have started Pancreved (pancreatic enzyme). He hasn't lost any weight and the vet physical exam Thurs didn't reveal anything.
I read online that Siamese are prone to pancreatitis. Anyone have any experience with this?


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What a beautiful cat! I don't have any experience with pancreatitis. However, my cat that had some issues with throwing up turned out to have kidney disease. Has your baby been checked for that as well?
bumping up before it drops off the new posts 1st page so maybe someone will help me
Thank you for this suggestion. Next week, I return to the vet to look at other ideas and I wanted to know what ideas might be thrown out.
So, did your cat's urinary output or thirst change to indicate there was a problem?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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