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Photos of Jupiter from 6-15 weeks

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Here is my little sweetheart, Jupiter!


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Jupiter is gorgeous. He is growing quickly. He is going to be a stunning redhead.
LOVE the name!! How'd you pick it? Adorable pup, the pic on the floor with the big green plush...his coat looks really beautiful.

Oh, I picked Jupiter because it's my favorite planet. I'd love to get another golden (a girl) and name her Neptune. :)
He's quite a handsome guy. It's amazing how fast they change.
OMG Jupiter is just gorgeous! They grow up way too fast.
What a cutie pie!!! Jupiter is just DARLING! Love his colour and his name is so unique! I hope to see lots more pictures of him as he grows up!
Jupiter is SO gorgeous!!!! You have a beautiful dog! :D

My boyfriend and I are shaking our heads at the last pic though; as WOW he looks SO much like our Oscar, who is just a few weeks younger!!
He does look like Oscar! :)
Jupiter is adorable! Looks great against the wood floor. I think that's my favorite photo!
Jupiter is very adorable!! and I agree, he grows so fast :)
Cute pup! last pic is great, what's he holding in his mouth?
Jupiter's quite a little cutie! Great coloring.
Jupiter is very handsome! Love his name too!
Jupiter is holding a stick in his mouth...he loves picking them up and carrying them around while we are trail running. :)
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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