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perfect 200

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I've been watching this 10x a day, hoping it will rub off on me!
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Wow - I wish I could heel as good as DeeDee - not to mention my dog! What teamwork!
I also love watching that video. Maybe next time I should have my dog watch it with me! Couldn't hurt!

Well, we pulled out 189- a LONG way from Dee Dee and Dream . .
WoW...I loved watching that, the focus and bond between them is beautiful to watch. Jill, 189 doesn't sound bad to me!!:You_Rock_
Well, it is a big experiment for me. Tally has been 100 percent positively trained without ever even a collar correction. Will I be able to keep that up through Open against dogs trained with E collars and choke chains? I am not sure, but it will be an adventure!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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