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Pee here now

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Jackson is a rescued dog, so I didn't have the advantage of training him as a pup. He is now trained well enough to let me know when he has to go out (although "have to" and "want to" are pretty similar in his view). Now it is time for more advanced training to exercise his bodily functions at a spot of my choosing and without the dithering and extensive selection process.

Anyone who has ever travelled with their dogs knows the importance of this training. You have been driving for hours and pull into a rest area so he can do his stuff. It is pouring rain outside. There is a designated area for dogs to do what they have to do. It now becomes a question of just how wet the two of you will be by the time you return to your vehicle.

I have been through the training process twice before with other dogs, and understand just how much work it is to train for this behavior. Does anyone have any suggestions or techniques that have worked for them?
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I haven't done the training myself but my sister has to do it with the guiding eyes puppies she raises. She simply takes them out on leash to pee and gives them the "Get Busy" command the second they start and praises them to high heavens when they are done "Good Busy". (Kinda foolish to watch but it seems to work) :p:
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