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A note about eye clearances:

I personally feel that an eye clearance that is a few months out of date is no problem. Indeed, even though I'm scrupulous in maintaining clearances on our dogs, I will often let eye clearances go a month or few beyond their expiration before renewing them. It's often a matter of convenience. With 7 dogs in the house it's a lot to get each one to a specialist each year. We often wait until there are eye clearances being done at a show or a local health clinic, and then we'll take multiple dogs there and get them done all at once.

But IMHO they should always be posted on the OFA website. It's cheap and easy. $8 for recertifications. I can do five dogs for $40. I'm always suspicious of breeders who do not post eye results on OFA. In fact, I have seen them faked by an unscrupulous breeder. I even called the vet listed on the faked clearance and we took action against the breeder (without much success, but that's a whole other discussion).

To sum up: clearances a bit out of date, no big deal. Clearances not on OFA, suspicious.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts