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Hi everyone!

I’m very excited to be getting my first puppy this summer. As I am new to this all, I have put in many hours during the last 4-5 months into researching breeders, dogs, clearances, the process, etc. Joining this forum has been an invaluable resource during this learning process. I have found some great breeders, each who I have researched in detail and have heard great things about. Although my puppy will be a family pet and will not be competing in shows, it is important to me that she comes from a healthy pedigree with all clearances. Although I have worked hard to understand all aspects of this, I would love any further help. This forum is such a helpful community with members much more experienced than me. Any feedback would be great!



Ch Braefield a Dove for Brevmac X GCh Belcanto's Balladeer for Brevmac

Ch Braefield a Dove for Brevmac (Dove)

Dam parents:
Ch Dutch Consolidation Sunday Mirror X Multi Ch. Majik Truth Or Dare

'Brogan' GCh Belcanto's Balladeer for Brevmac

Sire parents:
Ch Trewater Made to Measure X Mood Shadow de Ria Vela


Fort Knox:

1. Sookie x Ohoh

Dam: “Sookie” Fortknox's Fairy Blood

Sire: “OhOh” CanCH Dreamworks Whadudo This Time


2. Rigby x ???

Sire: Fortknox’s Eleanor Rigby
Dam: Currently unknown


Goldnote Golden Retrievers:

1. Phryne x Logan -

Dam: Goldnote's Miss Phryne Fisher - "Phryne"

Sire: CanCh Kyon's Daylight Saving Time - "Logan"

2. Ruby x Dillon -

Dam: “Ruby” Goldnote's Little Deuce Coupe

Sire: “Dillon” Can CH. Chrys-haefen Flying with Kyon

3. Foxy x Parker -

Dam: “Foxy” CanCH Goldnote's Femme Fatal

Sire: “Parker” Can CH. Kyon Can't Get No Satisfaction


Blackpool Golden Retrievers:

Serein x Higgins and Odell x Higgins

1. “Serein” CanCH. Serein Diamonds Of Blackpool
Parents: Blackpool’s Ice Diamond x CanCh. Blackpool The Ice Chip

2. “Odell” Blackpool Odell Castle
Parents: CanCH, JCh Mk RAYNOX Heart of Gold x Blackpool Game On

“Higgins” Alubyc Send in the Clowns to Zenevieva
-an import from Australia
Parents: Montego Absolute Truth x Goldmartini Secretangelkiss (AI)


Kid Raised Kennels:

Jewlz x Crewe

“Jewlz” Kidraised Diamond In The Ruff

Dam Parents: Am GCH/Can GCH Chestnut All The World's A Stage BISS x Kidraised Stargazin Lily

“Crewe” Can.Ch. Bowbell's Rigged'n Ready

Sire Parents: Am. Can. Ch. Ambertru's Hard 2B Humble OS x DoveCottage Dancin with DJ

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Thanks so much for the quick response!

We have been trying our best to understand all the clearances on OFA and did notice the Brevmac Dam's elbows being a concern. In terms of the heart and eye testing, all the breeders have indicated that these clearances are complete but it does not appear many are updated on Is this common as they are required every 12 months and therefore may just not be updated on the site?

This is an extensive list and we are having a tough time narrowing things down. We have heard many good reviews about all of these places in our research. Although we are not yet sure, based on timing and logistics, Goldnote Goldens seems to make a lot of sense for us. One thing we noticed however is that the Foxy x Parker parents ( appear to have the same grandparent (Tashora The Odds Are At Kyon). We assume this inbreeding/lack of genetic variability isn't good, but are not sure? We have heard so much about how much detail and research they put into matching specific parents, so this was a surprise to us. Can anyone speak further about this, do we have the right to be concerned?

Thanks again and any advice regarding these kennels or any others listed would be greatly appreciated!

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Wow, thanks so much for the great responses everyone! My husband and I are learning so much. Very happy to hear even more great things about Blackpool. Also, what you both are saying about the eye clearances makes complete sense to me, I will be sure I'm looking into that.

Although we are hoping to narrow things down further when we go visit a few places again over the next couple weeks, I would say just based on logistics, our current front runners are the Goldnote litters and Blackpool litter. It appears there may be some concern with the Brevmac litter and the timing of Fort Knox and Kidraised doesn't line up as perfectly as we would like.

Any of the 3 Goldnote litters works with our schedule, with the Ruby x Dillon ( and Foxy x Parker ( probably making the most sense. Again, we are unsure if we should be concerned about the matching grandparents between Foxy and Parker (Tashora The Odds Are At Kyon). Not only does this make us concerned about this litter, but the breeder in general. However, all the reviews we have found have been spectacular about Goldnote.

For the Blackpool litter (“Serein” CanCH. Serein Diamonds Of Blackpool OR “Odell” Blackpool Odell Castle x “Higgins” Alubyc Send in the Clowns to Zenevieva), our biggest concern is just that Higgins is an import from Australia and is not on OFA, making it tricky for us.

We're excited to be at this final important stage of making our final decision and any further help would be tremendous. Multiple things have already been pointed out that I would not have considered on my own!
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