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Pebbles and Sandy

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Hello GRF.

Last May'ish I posted about Sandy being diagnosed with B-cell Lymphoma and a couple weeks later about how the cancer spread to her eye and it having to be removed. Then not long after that, her mother Pebbles was also diagnosed with some weird form of intestinal lymphoma. I haven't been on the form much since.

I thought, for anybody interested, I'd post an update of sorts. I don't remember the last time I posted about it.

After Sandy's eye was removed she was started on chemo. We chose to go with the C.H.O.P protocol. She flew through all the treatments. Never had any reactions to any of them other than it messed up her coat. Her fur became short and curly. Her lymph nodes went down right away and you wouldn't know she was sick. She had a good happy active summer spending lots of time with her sister and one of her puppies. In November she came out of remission (lymph nodes swelled back up) shortly after her last CHOP treatment. She was still happy and full of life so we decided to start her on a new(er) chemo treatment called Tanovea. She has been doing great so far and still kicking. Still happy and active. With Tanovea they say sometimes about 5 days after a treatment they can get sick. That has happened where she will be 'off' for a day or two about 5 days after the treatment.

Pebbles has been on chemo (administered at home) pretty much all summer too. Still is. She has been handling it well too. Little side affects. She has quiet days now and then
but having cancer and 10 years old she's handling things well. Still happy, playing, and eating. We don't know how it will play out with her. Looking at her, you wouldn't know she is sick.

Pebbles and Sandy both had a bad last weekend though. We thought it was the beginning of the end. They both started vomiting and projectile diarrhea everywhere. Pebbles quit eating. That's always a bad sign when they stop eating. Turns out they both had coccidia. How they both got it and Pearl and Mr. B didn't I'll never know other than maybe because Sandy and Pebbles immune systems are compromised due to the chemo. Maybe the other two being healthy were able to fight it off. IDK.

Pebbles and Sandy were put on meds for the coccidia and diarrhea Monday mid day.

Pebbles finally ate this morning (boiled chicken and white rice) with some enthusiasm. Happy about that. Sandy bounced back pretty quickly. She wanted to play tug-of-war last night with a toy. These dogs are so stoic.

So that's where they are. Both have birthdays next month. Hoping to get past that.


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I remember the pictures of these lovely girls. I'm so sorry that they contracted coccidia this past weekened 馃檨 That must have been so awful for both of them and you as well. I can imagine the worry. I hope they will continue to feel better and will have enjoyable, fun filled birthdays next month with no worries!

I'm glad to hear that treatment for the cancer is going well and understandably that must be tough for their systems. I really hope it will be in remission forever. Your Goldens are awesome and inspirational for me. Thank you for sharing this update! Wishing you and your Goldens all the best 馃檪

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Thanks for the great update. I was worried when I first saw your post, but this made me smile. So good to hear they have responded well to their treatments - canine oncology has come such a long way. Here's to continued being well.

Turns out they both had coccidia. How they both got it and Pearl and Mr. B didn't I'll never know other than maybe because Sandy and Pebbles immune systems are compromised due to the chemo. Maybe the other two being healthy were able to fight it off. IDK.
I think you are exactly right. From what I know about these parasites, it has a LOT to do with their own ability to deal with them. Baby puppies have weaker immune systems and so they get the horrible diarrhea and vomiting, but as dogs get older, they can get coccidia or giardia and never have a symptom. You'll sometimes get a random positive on an annual wellness check fecal and while you still need to treat it, they never seem to feel the effects.

Either way, I'm so sorry your poor pups DID have to deal with it but glad they seem to be coming out of it. They both look great and sweet as ever.
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Sending prayers and best wishes for your dogo's. They sure look happy! I hope they have a full recovery from coccidia. Just when you think things are leveling out after Chemo -- then this ... Ugg.
Prayers for you too!

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So glad to get an update. I have been thinking about all of you. I am happy to hear their treatments are going as well as they are. So sorry the two girls got so sick. Big hugs to all of your family, dogs and humans alike.

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I absolutely know what you are going through and resonate so deeply with your efforts to keep Pebbles and Sandy happy and comfortable. Bless you,
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