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Payton's siblings need a good home

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Hi everyone. We went and picked out our little girl Payton today. She's named after the great Walter Payton! We'll have to get her a Bears jersey to wear on Sundays. She's in the picture of me holding her.

She has 5 brothers and 2 sisters that still need homes. If you live around the Iowa/Illinois area and/or you know of someone looking for a puppy please let me know. I'll get you in contact with the family that owns the puppies.

I'm going to attempt to attach some photos of the puppies. If it doesn't work I have them in my puppy album on my page.



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they look darn cute! how come there are that many still available?
So precious!!
awww they're adorable!! my golden retriever that passed away was named Payton after Walter Payton too. :)
There are so many because they didn't start advertising until this week. She said she wanted to wait until they were a little older so the pictures would be better. They are full blood Golden's and both parents are in good health.
Your Payton was a beautiful Golden. I'm glad I have another Payton fan! Go BEARS!
Adorable puppies!!!
Oh man, if I didn't already have my hands filled with Flora, I would be VERY tempted. ;) Adorable pups!
Cute little chubby puppies!! Payton is adorable! Congratulations on the addition to the family.
I wish you many happy years with your new precious puppy!
Congrats! They sure are adorable.
You did well. Payton is gorgeous. Enjoy every second with her.
What beautiful puppies! I just love cuddling puppies, they grow up way too fast.
Thanks for all the well wishes. It was so hard to leave her today. I hope the next 3 weeks go by fast.
Bumping up
How precious! Can not wait to see more pictures when you bring her home!
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Bumping up. They are so cute!!
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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