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Hello all. I have been lurking around this site for a few days but this is my first post. I am a new golden mom and brought home two beautiful puppies a week ago. Samantha will be 8 weeks old Monday and Reagan turned 7 weeks old yesterday. They are wonderful and have quickly become the center of my family's world. I noticed yesterday morning that Sam didn't eat much of her breakfast and seemed a bit tired. I figured it was just part of the growing pains of being a puppy. But when I got home from work I could tell something was seriously wrong. She still wouldn't eat and just wanted to lay in my lap (which is unusual because she has been going 90 to nothing since we brought her home). Then when I tried to make her stand on all fours she fell over. It was awful. So I took her to the vet immediately (thank God they're open until 8) and a test confirmed that she has parvo. She's being hospitalized for treatment and I'm just beside myself with grief and worry. Reagan seems fine and shows no symptoms at all but we are keeping a close eye on him. We have bleached everything in the house and disinfected all the dog toys, crates, etc.

I'm just sick. The vet says we caught it extremely early, before any diarrhea or vomiting, and there's an 80% chance Sam will make it but I'm still scared. I can't believe we've only had her a week....poor baby. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to share and see if anyone else has had any experience with parvo. I know it isn't a pleasant topic and the vet has prepared me for the worst so you won't hurt my feelings with stories that don't have happy endings. I just needed to talk about it. I have to stay positive and upbeat for the kids so this is really my only outlet.

Thanks in advance for your help and support.
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Unfortunately my experiences with parvo have not been good ones, but I have heard of many pups making it. I do hope that yours is one of them and that the other puppy is spared going through this. It is a powerful evil virus. Do let us know how Sam is doing.
I have no experience but am praying for your sweet baby. Keep us updated.
I sure hope all turns out well with your pups, and understand completely the feeling of helplessness in your situation. this is a good place to come and unload if you have to and a good place to get some support.
Our best wishes for you and the pups.
Jerry and Harley
Parvo is so catchy that I would see about getting the vaccine for the other.

Parvo can be anyplace. It might not even have come from your home. IF they were walking outside at a rest stop etc. It can live in dirt, so I think the main concern is getting these little guys started on shots.

Did you contact the breeder and ask if they have had any cases? "Generally, it takes 7-10 days from the time of exposure for dogs and puppies to start showing symptoms and to test positive for parvo." It might hav come from your breeder.
You should let them know as a safety measure.

Your pup is in the best place, at a vet. Hope it was caught early enough. Scout was really little when Parvo hit our breeder. He was with his mom, and once he was a little older (6 weeks) they were given a shot. Although it's not a given it works, they did it to give them a chance incase it made it to the pups. They were lucky enough that they caught it early.

They made sure to wash hands etc constantly as Parvo is not airborn, and can transfer from people to people to dog contact. They also would dip shoes, bottom, in a solution of bleech when entering the area of the germs were not being tracked into the puppy area.

I would keep your pup at home in a secure area and limited romping outside.

I'm thinking of you and hope our girl gets over the Parvo. Please get a booster for the other pup if you have not done so.

link on PArvo
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I have not personally experience Parvo but I do know that it is a horrible virus and Scout and I will keep our fingers and paws crossed for your little guys!
Oh, I am SO very sorry to read this. I would definitely be in contact with the breeder, and be sure to follow any precautions the vet has for your other pup. You and your puppers will be in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted, and know we'll be hear with ears to listen and shoulders to lean or cry on.
I am so sorry that you are dealing with scary. You all are in my prayers. Please let us know how Sam is doing.
Have they had any of their puppy shots yet? The rescue had a pair of 10 week old puppies that contracted parvo, but because they had just had a set of shots and it was caught early so they got supportive care, both of them recovered completely, and fairly quickly.
Thanks so much to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Yes, both puppies have had their first round of vaccines (9/3) and are scheduled for the second round on 9/26. Reagan is still showing no signs and the vet said I do not need to bring him in yet for a test. I can't imagine how one puppy gets it and the other doesn't but I'm not complaining. They came from different litters and the vet said it is possible that Sam's immune system was just more susceptible.

I called to check on Sam this morning and the vet tech told me she is in good spirits and "bouncy". She pulled out her I.V. line so they had to give her a new one and put an E collar on her to avoid her doing it again. She's urinating and hasn't had any diarrhea or vomitting yet and I really don't know if that's good or not. I know parvo is a virus that has to run its course and I thought pooping and throwing up was the way to eliminate it from the body, but what do I know?! The vet will be in shortly so I will call back and speak with him about it.

Thanks for mentioning bleaching the bottoms of our shoes...I hadn't thought to do that. It's been pouring rain here for two days so I haven't made it out to the yard to bleach out there but I haven't let Reagan out there either. It's like this virus has taken over our house....we're all on pins and needles and extremely tired. I just want my baby back home with us.

I'll keep everyone posted on Sam's condition. Thanks again for the support-you have no idea how much it helps!
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We will be praying for your little Sam that she can make a full recovery. Hopefully it was caught early enough and the meds will kick that parvo butt. And prayers that Reagan does get it.
I agree with contacting the breeder to tell her/him about Sam and hopefully none of the other dogs get it. Parvo is such a nasty illness and no puppy should have to go thru it.
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