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Parkers first trip to the creek

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And he loves the water!

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What personality! I remember those first swims so well with pups. It's such a joyful thing to see them learn to love the water.
Love his expressions. Beautiful pup and great shots of him! Goldens and water go together so well, every tiny puddle has to be explored and exploited.
It is such a handsome boy. Love the name
He's gorgeous!.
My,what a kissable face!.
how cute... it seems that your golden is going to cry! hehe... very sweet
Cutie! Love the 3rd shot. He seems fascinated by the water
Those are great pictures. Looks like he had quite an adventure for a young pup. I love his facial expressions.
What a wonderful moment to have on film!! I love it when they are soo tiny, their tail fur hasn't grown in yet!! Lovely photos!!!
Parker is adorable!! Makes me want another puppy. Have a blast with him!
Parker is simply precious. In that last photo, he does look like he's going to cry:)
What a handsome puppy!
I love the first and last pictures the best with his expressions. Such great memories you are making with him.
What a beautiful puppy, he looks so cute all wet!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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