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Parker and the rum cake.....

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My elderly father is now living with us and his request was my mothers homemade rum cake. I baked him one and served up a warm slice fresh from the oven trickled with a warm buttered rum glaze. As we sat in the living room savoring the last bites I heard a plate klink and noticed 5 month old Parker had left the room. I made a mad dash to the kitchen to find his front feet up on the counter with a paw on each side of the cake plate taking lunging mouthfuls as big as he could, his tail going 90 miles an hour. :doh: He was having the time of his life. Good thing he isn't any taller or the cake would have been gone, there were only 2 good sized chunks out of it, but if I had not realized when I did I fear he would have eaten the whole thing! My little alchy.

I fear that I have a confirmed counter surfer. How do I break that habit now?
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Put the rum cake on the floor:p:
Too funny! That will certainly solve the problem!
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