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pain aggresian?

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my pup lynnzie has been growling wwhen i pick her up shes only 5 months 2. or when i pull her out by the collar she grawls
i dont know why shes doing this but its starting to get me a little consernd
but she doing amazingly better with the food aggresion:):):):):)

maybe shes too bug to be held or somthing but any advice would be great

thnx :) :) :) :)
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Dogs don't usually like to be held. Don't do the things that will trigger the growling, particularly picking her up, and work on some positive, structured training so she learns to trust you more and to look up to you for guidance.

In most puppies, behavior like this isn't true aggression, but is usually some mix of fear, brattiness, and insecurity.
oh thank u thank u :):):)
i feel better to know that its just puppy bratiness and not aggresian:)

but i do need to ad.......that she is extremely hard headed:(
No offense, but it's much more likely that your communication skills need work than that the problem lies with her. In my experience, everything my dogs have failed at has turned out to be my fault in showing them what I want and helping them understand how to work with me.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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