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Hello from Ottawa!

Bruce is new to the block and is dying to meet some other goldens who would be willing to play with him. The other dogs in the neighbourhood don't really give him the time of day, partly due to their age. Bruce's only other golden friend is a pup named Rufus who lives in Gatineau, and they rarely get to see one another.

We often walk around in the Glebe or in Centertown and have found some pretty cool spots where a lot of the big dogs are not. He gets to run and play with mom and dad which he does love, but every time a bigger dog comes near he has the best intentions and just wants to play. Further, we have yet to meet any other puppies, not just golden retrievers, but puppies in general.

We have a car and are willing to drive, unless someone is in the Ottawa-center area that would be great!

Look forward to hearing back from any other puppy owners in the area :)


Bruce's mom (and of course, Bruce)


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