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Osteosarcoma? OCD?

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Hi, All:
I know it's tough to "diagnose" online, but here's our story:
We fostered and then adopted Zoey (age 7) in July. She's had recurrences of severe limping associated with her right/front leg. Especially bad after lots of exercise. Big lump on scapula (shoulder blade). MD fears osteosarcoma: Xrays inconclusive, but MD doesn't like the feel of the mass.
On his suggestion we've got her scheduled for surgery late this week to get a piece of bone for biopsy. Wife is now balking: she feels that since we won't put her through amputation/chemo (MD says it would only buy her a year), why bother putting her through this painful procedure. I'm thinking it's best to know, and we may find it's something else that's fixable. Tonight I've been reading about OCD and thinking that's a possibility?
Appreciate any thoughts about this upcoming procedure. Worthwhile? She's a sweetie, and we really want to do right by her. Thanks.
Dave K.
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I pray that it is not the dreaded "C" word. Just a thought, my boy Beau that passed away this year had a large lump that was about the size of a baseball. It was on his shoulder area under the skin and caused him to limp. The vet removed it not sure of what it was, it came back to be a normal fatty tumor. He had some all his life but that one was huge and was messing with the muscle. Not saying that is what your pup has but you never know.
I would get the surgery done to see what it is and go from there. My toughts and prayers will be with you on Friday.
We are thinking of you. Know that you have given her more love and attention in the short time so she will have the best memories down the road. Enjoy every day that you have her no matter how long it will be. ((((HUGS))))
Oh I love those pictures of her. Especially the one of her just chillin on the swing.
Sweet Potato you are one gorgeous girl.
Glad that her treatment went so well today. Hope your thanksgiving is wonderful.
That is a very sweet picture and would make a great Christmas Card.
Is she losing weight? You might consider making up satin balls if the weight loss and appetite go down to much. Here is a thread that has the recipe in it
I am so sorry she has taken a turn for the worst. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this sad time in making a tough decision. Know that we are with you in spirit to hold your hand and cry. I know how hard that decision is to make. ((((HUGS))))
I am so sorry for your loss of Zoey. She is now free of her pain but yours has just begun. Hopefully your memories and the love you shared with her will help to heal some of the pain. One day I hope you will open your heart to another golden, they are so special as you know. Run Free Sweet Zoey.
1 - 8 of 129 Posts
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