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Opinion on our dog

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Hi there,

We have a one year old golden and we love him very much! We have no intentions at all to show him but wanted to get the forum's opinoin if our dog is more the confirmation look or more of the field golden look. We were just wondering what kind of look he had.

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So his father's title was gch ch. HIs paternal grandfather was a amGCH and his paternal grandmother was an amCH. His mother was never competed but his maternal grandfather was a GCH and his maternal grandmother was a CH. not sure if this helps.

We have always been told that his body is that of a pedigree dog but his nose was little too long.

in your opinion, for an average every day pet, should we be happy with our dog and his look ?
A pedigree dog...Just FYI, literally every dog in existence can be a pedigreed dog. A pedigree is simply a family tree. Even doodles have a pedigree, since it's just the accounting of whom the parents/grands/greatgrands are, even if they are different breeds.
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