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Opinion on our dog

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Hi there,

We have a one year old golden and we love him very much! We have no intentions at all to show him but wanted to get the forum's opinoin if our dog is more the confirmation look or more of the field golden look. We were just wondering what kind of look he had.

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he got those markings on his nose one random day afte day care. He never had them before and we were not sure if it was from rough play or not. It went away after a week and we have never seen it again. Any thoughts on what it could be ?
Your bigger issue is the yeasty feet. His feet should not have red in between the toes like that. Start putting apple cider vinegar in his water - 2 or 3 tablespoons will do it for a big bowl. It will help, but may not eliminate the problem.

Also would you mind sharing his parents' registered names?
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