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One of my proudest moments!

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Its funny but as I look back on this road of goldens and showing - I have two moments that stand out. The first when Bailey took a 5pt major reserve at a specialty and while there were no points - it was an awesome moment for me. (ok, i really liked the big stained glass RWB ribbon too)...

The highlight though, again, no points, was her placement with her babies in brood bitch at the National. Never thought we would place in that line up. I was crying from the moment the 3 went in the ring. There was so much pride in watching them together. Then, placing 3rd was truly awesome. Long time breeders filled that ring - and then there was me. All the time, research and effort I put into that breeding paid off. And, I am still very proud of the other 6 puppies who are doing very well and in great homes. Dang, here I go misty-eyed again! One puppy should have her WC soon, two others are just beginning their show career. The others are the best friends to some wonderful humans!

In the picture:
Maria Franklin with CH Southpaw A Song For U Far Away, CD, RE
Kate Batzner with DonGlen This Is My Song
Faye Skelton with DonGlen Faces of Love

Thanks for letting me ramble and share my pride and love for these dogs!


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Wow-talk about consistency in offspring! Beautiful.
BEAUTIFUL!!! I've loved your threads. Your excitement and love of your crew is so evident and it's fun to be able to share in it.
Lovely dogs, you should be very proud!
Absolutely Stunning!!!!!!!! You have every reason to be Very Proud!!!!!!!!
Congrats!.Beautiful dogs!.
Thanks everyone! I am really proud. Started down this "golden path" to reconnect my with father, who left this world way too early. AKC obedience judge and a few breeds -- I took over his kennel name, went to get a golden to train in obedience (hence the southpaw A Song For U Far Away name) - dedicated her to my dad's memory. Obviously he has watched over us from the get go! I feel his pride in me and my dogs. Every one of my dogs, even those that don't show. He loved all animals, whether purebred or not.

Yep, I am very proud. May my father's memory live on and on in these dogs.
What a nice ribbon, but it can't compare to the greater prize--those beautiful dogs! Congrats!
Congratulations! Your love for your dogs and the breed shines through and I'm sure your Dad is very proud of you and your accomplishments.
they are so gorgeous they leave me speechless, which is pretty rare. Your love for them just shines thru in everything you do with them. You should be so very, very proud of them...and of YOU!!!!
Beautiful stunning mom and her babies!! I had the privilege of watching the puppies in Sweeps (and one puppy in conformation, I believe).

HUGE CONGRATS to you! Your hard work and dedication was rewarded!!! :D
I am completely lost when it comes to showing and all of the terminology that goes with how about I just say Congratulations on a very stunning triple play in my eyes!.....BIG:)
Gorgeous bitch, stunning puppies- well deserved win!!!
You should be proud! That's quite the line up! :)
Lovely!!! Your post gave me goosebumps....Im sure your Dad is proud!
You all are the best. Your comments made me misty-eyed yet again. (maybe its those hormones) Thank you all for the wonderful comments and sharing in my joy!
Hold your head up high just like your Dad would have wanted! You deserve to take all the praise that you're receiving. Enjoy all that you have strived for!

I can understand why you are so proud. All three of them are just gorgeous and to see them all together like that... wow! What a moment it must have been for you.
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