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Took Belle to a UKC agility trial this weekend. They also have day of show entries. So I am sitting there on Saturday thinking "Teddi could do this". Then I thought to myself... why not? So I entered Teddi to run on Sunday in AGI.

Teddi Q'd in BOTH her runs!!! First time EVER running UKC type agility. She had some faults so no ribbons, but she Q'd. I was thrilled with her. One more Q and she will have her title. I think I will try to find a trial she can go to and finish.

Unfortunately she won't be able to go any farther, because I will NOT ask her to do the crawl tunnel. The jumps were 20" and she handled it just fine. I will be VERY picky where I try for her last leg. The only reason I let her do this, was it was at "home" and we have rubberized contacts. I won't let her play on "weird" contacts either. She loves the rubberized stuff and does not 'strain' on it in any way. She loves doing the A frame. I think in AKC I will keep her in jumpers only. Just to play it safe. She can work on contacts in class.

I am so proud of my Teddi Bear!!!!!!

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