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Oh Molly ....

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I am hoping that there will be someone out there that can give me and my Molly a little help. Molly is a beautiful sweet 10 week old golden. My husband and I did our research which eventually lead us to our dear girl. She has been an amazing addition to our lives. I work from home so I am able to spend all day with her. Let me give you a little background on Molly. What we knew about her before we met her was that she was one of 8 in her litter, she was being house raised around other dogs, kids and lots of grown-ups. We took the long trip to meet the pups, had the pick of the litter and fell in love with Molly (actually Molly chose us!). The breeder, who seemed young, was kind and had brought the pups out to the yard to meet us, we met Molly's mom and the mom's sister. We were given the name and number of the father. We knew that the mother had not been registered but the father was. From our limited experience all seemed well, we paid our deposit. However,we discovered when we went back to pick up Molly that the pups lived outside. Molly and her litter mates spent the very hot summer out of the house living in the yard with the mom and the other dogs and sleeping under the porch. I don't know if this in itself is a problem but how it manifests in our home and city life is a different matter. We cannot interest her in good chew toys, even one's stuffed with treats. She gravitates towards junk. If someone has left a plastic bottle down, that is what she wants. Or wood, she is constantly chewing wood. We manage this behaviour by continually replacing not so good chewing items with good chewing items. I think the pups were left unattended with way too much freedom for too long a time with junk to play with. The good part is she vet checked and extremely healthy. She has never once messed in the house but does have problem with peeing. We take her out every hour or when ever it looks like she needs to go but she still, with no warning will squat. Again, the pups were likely given no direction on were to pee and she has not made the connection yet. I also think she is feeling being house bound much more then pups that have been previously confined. We do take her out several times a day to our yard. We try to engage her in games but she wants to dig,run into the bushes at the back of yard and tries eating moss and grass. When I asked the breeder why she had let the dogs have such a free run she said that her dogs are farm dogs not house dogs! I could have claimed false advertising but we love our Molly. We live in a city right next door to a wonderful park in an area where the great outdoors is 15 minutes away. We are active people. I feel that some of these issue will become easier once Molly is able to get out and about with us.(I'm feeling housebound, too). She will be enrolled in puppy training once she has finished her shots. But, until then any and all suggestions to ease the transition would be greatly appreciated. In short form here's what I am asking:

How do I encourage Molly to give up her 'yard' dog ways?
What will help her make the connection about peeing outdoors? (honestly, she seems to get it, even asking to go out and then .....)
Part of me feels like I am breaking the spirit of this puppy because she has had so much freedom. Is there anyway of easing her adjustment?

Sorry to be so wordy but we are new to this, love our little dog and want only the best for her.

Thanks again.
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To some extent I know how you feel. We just got our puppy last week and he was also a 'farm dog'. We have the opposite problem however because he was so accustomed to being outside that he feels like he's getting spoiled when he's inside so we really have to coax him to get him out at all! He'd much rather be in. But he also goes for bottles/wood/anything laying around. I think that's just a puppy thing, not a symptom of Molly's upbringing thus far. Our Newbie hadn't had any toys when we brought him home so he didn't really know how to act, but we just kept shoving them at him when he was biting and we'd through them and chase them so he would chase us and realize that the toys are fun too. As far as the potty training goes, I can't really give you any advice since I'm still working through the whole potty-training thing with Newbie as well...except keep at it! I'm sure you guys are going through an adjustment but you'll get through it! Sorry I can't help more, but good luck!
Welcome to GRF! I hate to say it, but my boy, Max had all those same behaviors....wanting to chew inappropriate items (furniture, junk, paper, sticks, rocks, bottles, etc.), digging, along with house-training issues, eating things (including medication :doh::doh::doh:), you name it. (He was also quite mouthy, bit us continuously, as if WE were appropriate chew toys.) He was a real challenge and he had NOT been left out in the yard, he spent his first 8 weeks in a wonderful home with his mom, dad, littermates, 5 children, their parents and two cats. All the above behaviors vanished as he grew older and eventually "got" what we were teaching.

I realize that none of this helps you with the transition phase for your girl, I'll leave that to the experts here, but I did want to let you know that IMHO, the behaviors you're describing may not be all that related to her being a "yard" dog - much of it may just be her normal puppy explorations. Give her time, be as patient as you can, she'll come around and be worth every second of your frustration and concern. :wavey: Good luck! And BTW, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pictures!
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I think all pups are junk yard pups when it comes to picking,anything,in sight whether they come from a 4 star hotel,living condition or from outside!.
Anything you don't want her to eat,replace it,by a toy or a bone that is acceptable to you and praise!.
Actually, she sounds like a pretty typical puppy :) I just posted that my (very spoiled) dogs' favorite toys are empty milk jugs!

I would have the vet check her for a UTI though-that may explain the squatting without notice. Otherwise, when I am training a puppy, I take them outside every 15-20 minutes, until I think they are catching on a bit, and then I slowly lenghten the time between potty breaks. Potty breaks are always announced very loudly in my house, and every one races to the door to go out :)

And at 10 weeks she is months away from being reliably housebroken. Just keep working at it, be consistent, and crate her when you can't watch her.
Riley was raised indoors in a very clean environment. Her favorite toys are a plastic 2 liter soda bottle and a plastic ice cream scoop. She chews on rocks, sticks, plants, grass and even the kitchen cabinets if we allow it. I cannot allow her out in the yard unattended because she digs. I think those are all normal puppy behaviors.

When Riley was 10 weeks old we had her going out to potty about every 20 minutes. Even at 15, almost 16 weeks I still make sure she goes out at least every hour.

As far as breaking her spirit, I think you are doing just the opposite. You are providing a safe environment with lots of attention. She'll probably forget about her first weeks of living outside soon if she hasn't already.
Thanks everyone ... good to know its all normal and I'm the crazy one! lol.

Any new idea for puppy games. We've run through -find the favourite toy, tug, fetch, where's the treat, and simple commands ... you know ... I think I'm just boring. :)

I am loving having Molly. She fills up our life and all the little corners of my heart.
Molly's mom (or dad), do you by any chance live in Seattle? I can't think of too many other cities with beautiful parks with great outdoor recreation so close by.
Nope, but not too far from Seattle. A little north on an island.
Sounds like a typical golden puppy to me. With all due respect, I think you're making too much out of this. She is after all a sporting dog, they are bred to do outdoor things and sometimes that means digging, getting muddy, roll in smelling 'stuff', chewing things like wood, rocks, flowers, plants & an occasional dead bird. It's like kids, you spend hundreds of dollars on gifts & they play with the packaging.

My Hank has free run of the yard and loves it! He wrestles in the mud, chases the cat, digs, tramples the landscaping and fell in the pond last week. He'd rather lay out in the rain then be in the dry house. I certainly don't blame the's just a puppy thing. I'm happy he can experience all these things.

As for the peeing, she's only 10 weeks old, she'll get it. If Hank isn't sleeping he usually needs to go out every 20 min. or so. He's getting better but I still watch him like a hawk. Yes, they can squat fast!
Thanks Willow52! Now I feel neurotic! Just kidding. Its reassuring to know its totally normal ... and I'm new to puppies so I'm going to ask. Better safe then sorry. I guess I am still at the stage where I think they are really, really fragile and no, I don't carry her around on a cushion ... that was my youngest daughter! lol
Hi! Your Molly sounds a lot like my Annie, who is 14 1/2 weeks old. We are struggling with potty training and now I have her on a strict schedule, taking her out every hour during the day to do her business. I think the chewing stuff is completely normal- puppies do seem to want whatever they are told they can't have, just like many toddlers.
Good luck! I think it may take time but she will do just fine in such a loving household :)
Molly's behavior sounds very normal to me. Pups that young always go after the stuff you don't want them to.

BTW, your experience with your breeder sounds a lot like the breeder we got Fontana from. Was the breeder in Canby, OR?
I'll chime in with everyone else to say that the behaviors that you are describing are very common and you have no need to worry. Crate training may be helpful with the potty training...if you aren't already doing that. She will get it...she's still very little. Also, she may become more interested in her toys as she gets older. My pup loves her polar bear stuffed animal (it squeaks and has no filling)...but in the yard her fav's are sticks, rocks, wood, and grass.
Molly sounds really, really normal. My parents were just telling me about how Flora, my 10 month old puppy, picked up a really gross bag filled with really gross cheese on her walk and tried to eat it. :yuck:

Puppies can be really gross.

Also, when Flora was that young, she really had no interest in toys. Stuffed kongs held no interest for her, nor did delicious chew bones or stuffed toys. That is COMPLETELY different now. She goes nuts over all of those things. Your Molly will be fine. :)
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