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Oh Come On, Brooks, Not Again!!!!

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SKUNKED again. Last night I let Brooks out before bed (he uses an e-collar to confine his roaming to 1/2 acre of our property). Our windows were open and about 10 min later my husband says "I smell skunk" and at that same moment we heard Brooks barking ferociously.
I called him in immediately, but it was too late. I don't think he got a direct hit (as there wasn't anything wet on him) but he smells to high heaven of skunk.
I decided not to use the hydrogen peroxide/baking soda treatment I used last time as he shook it off and it took the finish off our wood floors, so instead used Orginal Scope mouthwash, followed by a white vinegar and water bath (I just made that up myself, no idea if it neutralizes skunk odor). Then he got to sleep out in the mudroom. Today I sprayed him with OdoBan. He is tolerable but slightly skunky.
BTW, I thought the odor DETERRED animals---I had Brooks outside with me in my yard and he immediately went to the place where the skunk had sprayed again!! Huh?
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Oh NO! That really stinks (excuse the pun) I have washed many a skunked pup but thankfully neither Caue or Oak have been skunked. (Knocking furiously on wood right now)
Too late!!!!!!
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