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Off to a seminar this weekend!

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Just thought I'd drop ya'll a note saying that I'll be at a Linda Koutsky seminar this weekend, we were able to snag up a working spot and I know we are in for a weekend of good fun! =] I'll be busy packing tonight because it's down in Milwaukee and we're staying at a hotel with Maddie.

I hope to get some time on the floor and do some heeling with all the other dogs around and as well as people for a distraction!

For any of you who are showing this weekend-good luck! We are crossing our fingers for you! :crossfing:smooch:

More from me, later! =]
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Caryn, I hope you and Maddie have lots of fun and learn alot! I'm debating on whether to go to an obedience seminar at our club in a couple of weeks. Let us know how everything goes!
Oh, you bet I'll let you guys know how everything goes! I can't wait it's going to be lots of fun! Hopefully she behaves..haha! =]

By the way, who is putting on a seminar at your club?
I desperately want to get to one of Linda's seminars. I keep hoping to find one close enough for me to go to, and in the mean time I'm trying to convince clubs around me to have her come down.
If you need help getting her to come to your area..I can help you out. PM me if you want to! I can contact her personally..get her number for you. I think EVERYONE should go to her seminar!
I didn't want to open this thread because I knew that I would be jealous ;)

Good luck and have fun!!!!
Linda's a friend and a fantastic person. She's also a HOOT!!! You should learn a lot and have fun doing so.
By the way, who is putting on a seminar at your club?
Kaylan Head
I've been to a Linda seminar-- very very good stuff :) Enjoy!
Hey guys! Just thought I'd give you all an update on how the seminar went! We had a blast the past 2 days and Maddie had LOTS of fun...actually we BOTH had TONS of fun! Linda is a hoot and I am VERY thankful she is my trainer. I know she believes in Maddie and I a lot. I couldn't have asked for more. =]

I'm still feeling the tiredness from it all! =]

Edit: I also was able to talk to Cindy Pischke, she belongs to the club we are members of and she is a breeder of Goldens. I got to know her really well. She is also an AKC judge...a very fun person to talk to! =]
Yay Caryn and Maddie! Sounds like you girls had a lot of fun. I hope you learned lots. I want Linda to come down here lol! :)
I got info today from Linda on her seminars. Hoping we can get it all worked out for her to come down here!
WHOOO HOOOOO!!!! You will have a blast!!!!! It's high intense stuff I'll ya! But you'll learn a WHOLE BUNCH! I love Linda...she's the best! =]
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