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Of course Copper is okay

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Now that I have had time to recover from my stressful week and thought about our last visit to the vet I am feeling much better.

1. The new antibiotics are working well and his "lump" is almost gone. Finally!:):p:;)

2. Of course his liver enzymes were up. The test 4 weeks ago was after only 2 weeks on 500mg of cephalexin daily and it was 158 (high is 150). Before last week's blood test, he was been on 1500mg of cephalexin daily for two weeks, had had a shot of azyimicin and had had prednisone for one week (his alp was >300). They will go down once he gets off the meds.:crossfing

3. I have not been good about keeping him bathed. I don't mind a "doggy" smell and am used to his little brother stinky Jack who likes to visit skunks so Copper smells good compared to him! Bathing him will clear up his skin infection (which isn't very evident).

4. I don't think he has enough of the symptoms of Cushings for that to be a major concern at this time. If it is, I can have the ACTH test and it can be treated.

When we first went to the specialist last week, they were convinced the lump was cancer and wanted an ultrasound and x-rays. Since I requested they do an aspiration first it became evident the other tests weren't needed. I think they are inclined to want to do every diagnostic available and maybe don't realize how much that scared me.

Copper is happy and feeling well and I am determined to be optimistic and happy for how well he is doing. Not everyone has had such good results and my heart breaks for them.
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Good to hear that both you and Copper are feeling better and you both have a rosier view on life.
I am so hglad he is okay! You are awesome, btw... thanks so much for all the help you offer.
I am so glad that you and Copper are doing better. Here is hugs for the both of you (((((HUGS)))))
So glad Copper and you are doing better, sending big hugs from the Roo Crew!
That's wonderful news :) I am so glad Cooper is fine
I am so pleases Copper is ok i have been away and wondered how he was.
Also Meg had cushing and took quite a few test's to find she had it but it never hindered her at all i think Copper and Meg could be brother and Sister at times :)
Love me some Copper and Jack. You too Teresa. Give that boy his bath once Ida finishes with us and then he can go out and enjoy the mud!!
4.5" of rain and counting.
Copper sort of slept on the bed last night since DH is out of town. He sleeps about an hour and then wants water and yes I bring the bowl to him since he can't get up and down well), and then sleeps about an hour and then wants water, sleeps another hour and wants to go out because I gave him too much water.

Oh well. I am a slave to the critters and that is how I think it should be.

I'm afraid I will be the one playing in the mud when I try to go to work later. Our dirt/gravel road will be a lot of fun for my little camry.

Maggie: Megs and Copper do seem so much alike. Not many out there who survivied without a spleen.

Heidi: I have only had one dog who roo'ed. I had never heard the term until I joined the forum. I love it and hope I have a roo'er in my future! I hope you crew is fine after the tennis court mishaps.

Thanks for the support again everyone. Hopefully the drama is over for me. I can sure do without it.
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Toby is very glad that Copper is ok!
I've not been on much lately, so I'm sorry to be so late to read about your scare with your beautiful Copper. I'm so glad that Copper is ok. I know how scarey it is when there is a lump or they aren't well. Your Copper sure is a gorgeous guy!!
Yay! I am glad Copper is doing so well! Tell him to stop scaring his momma! (I think they all have to scare us sometimes...gets them extra love and toys...LOL)
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