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OCD Lesions, 8mo old pup, Conservative or Surgery?

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Hi all - While I've read through the threads on here about OCD, I figured I would ask directly...

Our 8 mo old pup had a limp about a month ago, we took him in for x-rays & nothing showed, though he exhibited pain and swelling in his elbow. We did crate rest + rimadyl, followed by rest w/o the meds to make sure meds weren't covering up the problem. He recovered incredibly quickly and was back to being a pup.

This weekend he came off a romp on the beach (his usual play spot, nothing unusual) with a limp. More x-rays revealed what our vet thought was OCD Lesions in his elbow, she sent the x-rays to the Radiology at NC State and are waiting to hear if we need to go down for an MRI for more info before deciding on treatment. Arthroscopic surgery is available in our area if we go the surgery route (Thank goodness for dog insurance!).

No other pups in the litter w/ problems & parents obviously haven't had problems. He does get a lot of exercise (and is destructive when he doesn't get enough) which will make conservative treatment with rest INCREDIBLY difficult. He eats Merrick Grain Free Buffalo/Sweet Potato supplemented with (unsalted) anchovies or salmon.

Does anyone have thoughts on whether conservative treatment has worked for their pups? Our breeder has recommended trying rest for 8 weeks first. However, if we are going to have to do surgery eventually I'd rather do that as soon as possible and get on to recovery than force him to rest for 8 weeks and THEN have to do surgery later. We are definitely an active family and want our dog to be able to accompany us on the beach, on hikes, and camping pain free!



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With the advent of arthroscopic surgery, elbow surgery is so much less invasive. I would have surgery done on a dog of my own in a heartbeat. All the dogs that I have seen in practice, have benefitted from surgical intervention. One of my clients had a golden from a breeder who also recommended cage rest.. He ignored her advice(and I am glad he did) and had surgery done. The dog was so much better off having had surgery.
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