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Obi's new companion - meet Fletcher!

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I posted about a month ago about a Great Dane/Golden my friend took in as a rescue.

I'm thrilled to announce that on Friday he came to live with us in his furever home.

Meet Fletcher!

He is just over a year (figure his b-day is 7/08) and is the sweetest, most gentle and well mannered dog I have ever met! Everyone that has met him, loves him. I just cannot understand how someone would give him up. :confused: His history is absolutely heart breaking. :(

In this picture you can't really see just how BIG he is...except for his big ol head. :p: He truely is a gentle giant.

Obi LOVES having a playmate. It gives him a great way to burn off all of that excessive puppy energy! They play all.the.time.
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What a regal look he has! He just looks sweet. Have fun with your new pup.
Fletcher looks like he has such a gentle soul! Gorgeous doggie.
What a beautiful boy
That's a whole lotta love
Fletcher is a great looking boy--congratulations! Hope to see pics of him and Obi playing soon.
Obi is one lucky guy to have Fletcher as his furever friend. Some of Ruby's favorite playmates at the day camp are Great Danes. She just loves them!! Congratulations.
Love that face! So glad Fletcher has a forever home with you.
He is just so beautiful! :) I am sure he and Obi will be very best of friends. He sure looks SWEET!
Congratulations! What a good looking boy he is.
Fletcher is just gorgeous. He looks so regal and proud laying there. I bet watching him and Obi playing is so funny. Would love to see some more pictures of him.
love that face

really looking forward to pics of Obi & Fletcher together (standing, of course!)
Congrats! Very handsome dog! Do they know for sure that he's part Dane? He looks very Ridgeback-ish in the photo! Either way, he's super cool!
Congrats! Fletcher is adorable and I would also love to see more pics of him playing with his new buddy! :D I hope that he doesn't feel the need to be a lap dog, like most goldens think they are, he would need a big lap to sit in! hehe :)
What a good looking dog....I love his big head!
That is one handsome dog. Keep the pictures coming! Thank you for giving him a home.
What a great looking boy! He looks like a golden on steroids. I'm sure he is grateful being in a loving home.
What a gorgeous dog, I think he's truly landed on his feet coming to live with you:). Am looking forward to update pics of Obi and him playing... has Obi met his match??
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