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Obedience & the dog that's one step ahead of you

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I've always suspected that Riley's "the smart one" in this relationship (he's "the pretty one" too - lol) but we've hit a little wrinkle in his obedience and now I'm sure of it.
He anticipates what I'm going to ask of him next and goes right to that, skipping a couple steps in between.

He likes this game where he brings me a toy, just so I can toss it back to him. Well, I've always had him sit for me before I do. Then, once in a while, I'd ask for a sit AND a down. Lately, I've been asking him to sit and then 'say please' (bark.)

Starting last night, he's going into a sit, a down and saying please ... all at the same time. LOL. It's like he knows that I'm going to ask at least one of the three, so he just does them all.
I'm probably not explaining it very well, but how would I go about getting him to do only what's asked? Like, giving me a sit and just stopping there?
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Brady is doing this too. For example, when we put his breakfast or supper down, we always have him do a couple of things first before we release him to eat. Lately I put his bowl down and he goes into this act of doing 4-5 different obedience things before I've even said anything...sit, down, shake, circle, spin...all on his own, then his sits and looks up at me with those sweet eyes as if to say "well, see what I did? I'm a good dog right?" It's really a riot and I love that he offers me these behaviors, but what I usually do is, after he is done with his "performance," I then ask him to do a couple of different things like high five and back up, and also re-do a couple of the things he first did like sit or circle but tell him to wait after each one so he understands he's to do them on my cue.
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