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Nutra dog food?

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Any thoughts on this brand?

I was at Petsmart today and overheard a conversation and the person (non-employee) was really praising the brand.

thanks in advance. :)
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Do you mean Nutro? I've never heard of Nutra, but I believe that Nutro has had some recalls in the fairly recent past. I may be wrong about that, though, since we don't use that brand, but I think there were some problems with it from what I heard.
Here is some information about it. Not a food that I would use.
Our Breeder started us out with Nutro Ultra Pro Large Breed PUppy food. No problems. Joy seems to like it. I add Plain Yogurt or Scrambled Eggs on alternating mornings. Joy has a nice coat.
I shy away from it due to their past recalls.
Dogs really like peanut butter. You can go to the store and buy one of those Kongs and put peanut butter in it. If you give it to him everyday it will make his coat shinier and his stool softer.
we feed Nutra Nuggets lamb/rice (green bag)- - I didn't know PetSmart carried it. it never seems to be mentioned in the food discussions here (pro or con). When I talk food with dog folks I always emphasize the a.

was introduced to it long time ago when our cats would get periodic skin troubles - an extreme cat lady suggested it - it worked! The breeder we got our lab from fed it, our vets are OK with it, dogs love it (2 cups/day).
I have been feeding Nutro Ultra (holistic) line to my dogs for years. Teddi was on large breed pup, and is now on adult. I have NEVER had issues with their food. When we switched our dogs stools decreased in size by about half. Their coats went amazingly gorgeous, and energy was great. Belle had to lose weight and we were able to cut her intake knowing she would get her nutrients she needed. She lost about 30#

Maxine was a FINICKY eater until we switched to Ultra. She NEVER walked away from her food again until her mouth was just too sore for kibble.

I know there was a "consumer affairs" link going around stating a recall and problems with Nutro a few months ago. I also know that was rescinded as a false statement. I remember hearing about it on the national news. I am not saying they have not recalled foods, like all companies they too have had issues but have recalled before problems hit. I think they did have some problems in the moist food with the big China recall. I do believe they are a good company who truly try their best for the animals. I do like the holistic "Ultra" line the best as it does not have corn ingredients.
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