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Not Finishing Meals

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My wife and i adopted a 7 month old golden about 3 months ago. Why wife has been around dogs her whole life, while I am somewhat new to them. I have always assumed that dogs are very food motivated, and enjoy eating their meals. When we adopted our pup, he was way underweight. You could see his ribs, and his rear was very bony. He wasn't necessarily unhealthy or abused by his previous owners, he was just a little under fed. When we adopted him we started feeding him 2 cups of dry food twice a day. He struggled eating that much at first. We then added some wet food to his 2 cup meal hoping this would get him more excited about eating. He has gained weight, and is now at 65 lbs. The problem is that he is still not eating all of his meals. He does not seem as excited for food as I think he should be. What should we do? Thank you in advance.
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One of our first Golden's would just eat until he was full and then walk away. It never bothered me if he didn't finish it. The 2 we have now I think would just eat until they exploded if given the chance. I think your Golden is just telling you it's too much in his bowl to finish.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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