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Not a real rescue, but 2 yo Lab/Golden Mix Looking for a new home

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This is a really hard post for me to write. One of Bogey's closest friends, Tessa, is looking for a new home. We may try to foster her for awhile, but her family has another lab and a brand new baby and they are finding her too much to handle. They saved her from an unfortunate situation with their neighbors about a year ago, and they think she has too much energy.

It's interesting because she's actually incredibly soft with the baby, great around me, listens SO well and is very friendly. I'm not sure why this came up, but they are seriously considering a new home. They asked us to take her, but I don't think that's a good idea right now. She has already had to adjust to one new home and until the spring I don't have enough time to really help her adjust properly.

I am hoping they change their minds, but is there any one on here who is interested? I will not let her go to a shelter or a rescue - her first situation was just too terrible. I'd rather foster her until a good home came along.

Here are a few pictures of precious Tessa.


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Hope all works out. My husband says three is enough, but I'll ask around my school if any one is interested. Keep us posted.
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