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Non Golden Registered Name Ideas

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Ok I was reading Teddy's name suggestions and you folks are GOOD!!! Maybe you can help us. We have some time, just trying to get some ideas.

We have put a deposit on a lab litter, out of MN. The name of the kennel is "The Captain's Kennels" and they want the words "the captain's" somewhere in the name. The sires name is "The Captain's Rhumbline Whiskey Clipper" (Cutty) and the dam is "The Captain's Brandy on the Rocks" (Brandy). This will be a black female, born later this month, and her primary focus will be family companion and agility dog.

I am trying to come up with names for my husband to choose from. He wants to name her "Dog". :doh: I am thinking a play on liquor because of the parents, but I am open to ANYTHING (help I don't want dog). One I came up with is "The Captain's Lickers Quicker" and we could call her "Queue". Actually Barb helped me with that one. I want to present several for DH to pull from. I would love to see your ideas. Oh one of the foundation studs was Captain Morgan so that is out.
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My husband and I were just discussing names recently and we are going to name our next Golden...Captain. It never occurred to us before and we're boat people! By the way, I had to talk my husband out of the name 'Dog''s the name of a Collie in one of John Wayne's movies...Big Jake, I believe...where my son's name came from, btw. Men!
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