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Newby in the works

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Hello All,
I'm new to this forum and am anticipating the arrival of our first golden to be born around November 13th. I've never owned a golden before, so this is an experience that my family and I are soooo looking forward to! I've read so many books on goldens and my biggest area of concern right now is formulating a plan for crate training. I've never crate trained a dog before and even though I've read a lot on the topic, my main concern is how to go about adapting the puppy to the crate and being gone during the day at work. I know everything I read says to hire someone to come in to the home to let the puppy out. This would become an additional expense of approximately $240.00 a month at $60.00 per week. It seems a bit much, so I am contemplating working the night shift, for awhile, until I at least can get to the point to where I can leave the puppy crated for a longer period of time. Any thoughts, idea's or tips on the topic of successful crate training would be enormously appreciated.
Thank you sooo very much!
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Congratulations on the soon to be new addition. You've gotten some great advice above. I would continue your search for someone to let you pup out mid day for a bit. I'm sure there must be someone who would love to spend a few minutes a day with a golden puppy. Heck, I think I would pay for the pleasure of playing with a golden puppy. :p:
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