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Hi everyone! I am a 25 year old female living in NY. I work as a veterinary technician, as well as in a no-kill animal shelter, where I see all sorts of different types of dogs and cats.

I am owned by five cats and a 70lb Retriever mix named Hershey. He turned 6 years old this August and was adopted from a no-kill shelter as an 8 wk old little ball of fluff. There have been a lot of different opinions on what his mix is, but he is definitely some kind of Retriever. If you believe in the accuracy of the Mars Wisdom Panel, his results have him as a Cavalier KCS/Bloodhound/Flat Coated Retriever/Labrador Retriever/Dalmatian/Shar Pei mix - lol

Hershey in his full coat, before a trip to the groomers:

Thanks for looking!
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