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New Vet - New Diagnosis Hip Dysplasia please help read x ray

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I've been worried sick about our boy Milo who has had a mild limp off on his left side off and on since he took a tumble after jumping from my arms after I tried to get him off our bed.
As he was hobbling quite a bit we rushed him to emergency but by then he was weight bearing again with just a limp. At emergency they x rayed him and said his hips and knees looked great, no fracture visible. He was walking fine again the next day after going on anti inflam.
Anyway he then saw another vet 2.5 weeks later as he tumbled off the sofa awkwardly while we were away and our friend who was watching him said he started limping right away. When we got home he still favoured his right leg again so I took him to another vet who was apparently trained in orthopeadics. Milo's limp was barely visible at that stage and he again x rayed hips and knees and said both looked excellent. Probably a sprain as his left hock was swollen.
Anyway he went on more meds for a week and was great but as meds wore off his limp returned but not quite as severe.
I decided to take him to another vet today. She x rayed him again and this time she says he has hip dysplasia as she thinks she can see a bone spur. Personally I thought hip dyspalsia is the head not fitting well in the socket and decreased spacing. I'm just not seeing it at all when I compare his x rays to x rays of hip dysplasia I'm seeing on the net. She also did a check she said of his hips but couldn't find any abnormality or get him to express any pain. He doesn't bunny hop when walking his only real clinical symptom is a reluctance to put full weight on his left leg. I'm worried about two things.
a) If he has hip dysplasia what that means for his life. Milo is a support dog for my child who was diagnosed with an illness and he is her everything.
b) Can you diagnose off only an x ray when 2 other vets have said his hips were excellent including an orthopaedic vet only 2 weeks ago. This vet said the bone spur could have developed since then but surely there would have been signs on the earlier x rays (he has actually had 3 previous hip x rays and all 3 gave him the all clear saying his hips are excellent). I don't know if she is right and the other 2 vets are wrong (she did mistake a left leg limp for a right when I showed her a video of him walking, she also said his hock is normal when it is clearly larger than his right).

Sorry for the long post but I'm beside myself with worry. He has been an absolute angel for my daughter. If anyone knows anything about x rays I'll attach the picture here and I circled what she is calling an abnormal bone spur/growth. Milo is 2 years old and we are expats living in Manila, Philippines
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Joint X-ray Medical imaging Radiography Medical
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I would not call these excellent hips from that xray... but I don't really see how you could identify a bone spur from that blurry spot. 🥴 How bizarre of that vet. I do not think you need to be concerned about HD....

It seems to me that you already know that it is the hock. From the picture the swelling appears to be high up and it could be the bone or the ligaments around there. I would have xrays done to rule out any fractures or OCD, but odds are very likely it is soft tissue and will just need rest.
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