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New to this forum but not new to forums. This place looks like a good place to meet some more people who love their goldens as much as i do!:p: Cant wait to hear from you!

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welcome Shane and Moose!
Hello and welcome:wavey: Moose looks like one cool dude in his sunglasses!
Welcome Shane and Moose from Janine & Chester in Maryland....Do all dogs in CA wear shades or just the cool ones? :)
Welcome guys! :)
Welcome to you and Moose,

He is so cute with the sunglasses. Glad you have joined us and hope you will share some pictures wiht us.
Welcome to the forum! You are right. This IS a great place to meet other people who love their goldens as much as you do.
hi Shane! Welcome! I like the picture of your golden with the sunglasses! Look forward to getting to know you!
Hi Shane and Moose.
Welcome from Ontario :)

Looks like Moose's future's so bright he has to wear shades :)
Welcome to the forum!
Thanks everyone for the welcome! Everyone on the forum seems to live all across this country and even out of the country, moose and i live in Clovis, Ca. Reading threw the forum i see a lot of good advice and helpful tips. i picked up moose when he was 3 months old and have been inseparable ever since! Currently just turned 2 in april so he's getting big! Cant wait to hear from you guys!
Welcome from Northern California! Look forward to hearing about you and Moose (love the shades) and seeing pics, of course.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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