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new siggie

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I'll miss the deck one, I will, but this one is still cute, yes no?
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Very cute theme! Love the alligator shot!
Adorable pics!!!! Max is so cute.

I also love some of your previous pics of him with your son, you can totally see in the pictures what great friends they are! :) That should be your next siggy theme!
Very cute! I was just thinking the same thing as Essjay. Well sort of. I was wondering if you ever posted any pictures of your son?
next theme for sure will be boy and his dog! And I know my sigs are big, and I did finally figure out how to make them's know? I'm too selfish when it comes to page space I know!
It's not big enough. :D
That's Funny;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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