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New Senior Hunter -Cruz

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Thank you all. This has truly been a journey. I didn't want to send Cruz to a Pro. He's my everything boy. He drinks coffee with me in the morning, we play with obedience and rally. He's just such a nice all around dog. I think he is going to go back in the conformation ring soon, maybe... I've really wanted this SH title. I have worked my butt off. Our biggest issue was water blinds. I needed lots of different ponds to train on, and thankfully I had good friends and good training groups. He's the first dog I've trained and handled myself. You really can't do this alone. I'm also thankful my husband loves dogs too.
Your story is so inspiring! Gorgeous shot too!

Steady is our issue and so close to throwing the towel and just hiring a pro😭. Any tips?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts