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New puppy what to do?

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Hi, i have a golden a little over one year old. And now we got another golden retriever puppy. He is 10 weeks old almost 11 born 11/6/22, he barks and whines in his kennel and i can barely get him to stop, but otherwise he loves his kennel he will go in there anytime he wants. He is super smart and nows sit, come, his name and how to ring the bell to go potty. Are there any tips for socializing my dog with him, and his barking? He only barks when we lock him in his kennel and chews/kongs do nothing. And my golden has anxiety but will play with him when she feels. And they really go at it, i break it up when she gets to rough. Thanks in advance!
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My girl is 10 weeks also! She whined alit the first week in her crate but what helped us was a camera by her crate so we could check in on her and praise her remotely when she did settle down. Also some crate training - feeding her in there with the door open, then closed. With and without us in the room. Shorter crate sessions, especially in the mornings when she had a lot of energy. Now she rarely whines and settles into her crate well. We even went out to dinner the last couple of nights so she was completely alone, and when we looked at the camera she was settled or napping the whole time.

Make sure she is fed/watered/pottied before going in the crate. If she uncomfortable she'll bark and whine.

Good luck, I think your pup will get used to it eventually.
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