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As I've been searching for a second Golden to add to my family, I've received a good deal of advice from many sources -- my own veterinarians, dog-trainer friends, dog-breeder friends, friends who show in varying venues and it seems the general consensus is that, in a home with a resident male Golden (neutered), it's still generally best to add a female as a second dog. But, a decent minority of those I've asked have said with Goldens, this is generally far less of a concern, particularly when the resident male is neutered.

I'm just wondering whether anyone here had an opinion or experience which might help me in trying to decide whether to strictly consider a female or broaden my search to include males, as well.

In my own life, before I knew better, I brought a female dog into my family while owning a resident female, brought a male into my home with a resident male, and I've yet to have any discord with either introductions or even in daily life. Each dog has become close and bonded with the others, without any seeming influence of gender. I've had three dogs at a time, at most, and currently have one (my sweet Shadow passed away in 2016) who grew up with an older male and they adored each other.

I'm just wondeing if this has been through sheer luck or perhaps my ignorance had an unintended benefit of putting me in a mindset which assumed all would be well, and projected that calmness, somehow, onto my dogs & so did not encourage any tendencies for conflict.

Thank you!

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You should be fine bringing another boy pup home.

Bringing a pup home in a house where you have a mature/trained/adult dog - that older dog will have the upper hand with the pup. They automatically rank tops in the hierarchy in the house. It means they can lay down the law without fighting for it.

That's the way it is with boys and I'm sure with girls too.

There's only a problem with you have dogs too close in age (ie older dog was basically a puppy himself) and you might have some fights breaking out when the younger puppy hits the teenage stage and beyond. <= It's the biggest reason why people are discouraged from bringing home more than one puppy at a time.

I have 2 intact male dogs (had been 3 earlier this fall). The older boy is 6 years old and he basically loves his baby. He looks after him.
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