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First off, the advice on this forum is priceless so thanks to everyone that takes the time to respond to questions, etc.

So the countdown is on...getting a male golden in two weeks. It's my first golden retriever, but we had a dog for about 15 years previously. I know everyone loves pics so I'm attaching one of him at 5 weeks old. I've done a ton of research and the breeder seems to be awesome (put together lots of info for us, seems to train them well for the first 8 weeks, etc). A few questions to start things off:

1) Any advice on puppy training classes and vets in this area? I have a pretty good idea for the vet but opinions tend to vary on Petsmart vs other services for the training.

2) Socialization: What's the right mix of socializing with other people/dogs and making sure they don't pick up any diseases at first? He will have his first sets of shots before leaving the breeder. I've read lots of things about avoiding dog parks and pet stores initially, but I would love to make sure he is comfortable and outgoing.

3) Crates vs Carrier (or both): We will have a couple long car rides since it's around the holidays and everyone wants to see him. I hear that carriers are better for the rides (and that pups often like them better than wired crates in general). Probably leaning towards both but just curious.

4) Potty training: The puppies have been using a litter box occasionally with the breeder which is great. Lots of info about not confusing the puppy by having them go inside though...but the best spot around here to play/go to the bathroom is a large fenced in play area for dogs in the area. Should I avoid this and just find some remote spot for now?

Really appreciate it! I'll try to post some pictures/videos once the pick-up day comes around...always fun to watch.


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Welcome to the forum. He sure is a handsome devil. You are going to have a blast. While he is young avoid any heavily dog traveled areas. When you take him to the vet be sure to carry him at all times. For sure you want him to get the idea that he wants grass under his feet before he poops or pees. For those first few weeks you will want to take him out after every meal, when he wakes up or stops playing. It is a ton of work but it pays off. Keep his leash, collar and some slip on shoes next to the door at all times. Crazy amounts of praise when the poops or pees on grass.

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Welcome to the forum.

Congratulations on your pup, he's adorable.

The Puppy Section here on the forum is full of very useful information, of course feel free to ask questions. There is a Search feature too, you can look up a topic. A list of threads discussing it will come up you can read through.

Glad you've joined us, enjoy the forum.

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Hello and welcome from a fellow Nashvillian.

I sent you a Private Message (below your name, top right, click 'Your Notifications'. You can't reply until you've posted 15 messages, but my email and phone number are in the Private Message. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Depending on which part of town you live in I could offer recommendations for vets. We've had goldens for well over 20 years. Puppy classes at PetSmart are just fine. There are trainers I can recommend as he gets older :)
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