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New golden puppy!!

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Hey guys, this it my first post and my first golden!! I've always loved them so much, and when my fiancee and I bought our new house, we knew it was time to get one. We picked her up last week, and are already madly in love with her. She is 9 weeks old, and she's such a good girl and so smart. We're having little to no problems training her to go outside to go to the bathroom, and she fetches with me almost perfectly already. She walks great and while she does chew on some things that she shouldn't, she quickly understands that she is only allowed to chew on her toys.

There is one thing that we are having a problem with though, and I could really use the advice of some seasoned veteran golden owners. We eventually want to be able to leave her home alone in the house, or while we sleep, so she can have plenty of room and not make a mess. We know that this starts with crate training her early, and that's where the problem is.

She absolutely HATES her crate more than anything. For the first 3 nights straight she cried ALL night long, the 4th night she cried about half of the night. So we decided to try something a little different and see if it worked. We put her crate in the bathroom and left the crate open but closed the bathroom. The bathroom is maybe the size of 2 crates, so with the one in there she has about an extra crates worth of room. It is tile so its easy for us to clean up any accidents. We left her in there for the first time to go to work yesterday, and all day she didn't have a single accident, even though the space was bigger. We then did it again last night while we went to sleep, and all night long there wasn't a single peep out of her, and again no accidents.

I am wondering though, is this going to really hinder my progress of training her? It isn't MUCH bigger than her crate, and she is doing well, so is it necessary for me to put her into her crate which she hates, when she does just as well in a slightly larger space? Please let me know guys.
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Of course we puppy proofed and dealt with times they tried to chew furniture, rugs, etc. I have some minor teethmarks on a couple of chair legs....
Of course, this is probably not the norm, and I'm not suggesting it. Safety needs to be your first priority.
Baseboards.........they will chew on baseboards.:doh: I failed with the crate too and put mine in the bathroom for a couple of weeks only to find some chewing on the molding around the baseboards. New house too. I later went with a folding pen that worked well. But if I were to get a new puppy, I would stick with crate training.
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