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Last month, me and my dad were taking a morning stroll with Artan, my Miniature Pinscher x Chihuahua mix. Artan sniffed something under a tree and we thought it was a black huge stray cat, so we ignored it.

Then we came back after one round and passed that tree to get home. It was then that we realized that its a dog! All black too, and extremely timid.

After one whole can of food and loads of coaxing, she allowed me to touch her. Then I tried placing a leash on her, but she slipped when a neighbors dog barked at her. So I tried for nearly 1.5 hours to lure her and finally got her to walk on a leash home. She is staying at my dads place (3 minute walk from home) since we already have our 4. So she's kind of like my dad's dog.

Her name is Indie (since we found her on the 17th of August, our country's Independence Day). We were told that because she continues to pee indoors, her owners threw her away. We couldn't find her original home or anyone who wanted to adopt her so my dad kept her.

She's getting spayed next month. So far she has only made friends with Artan, and has an extremely high prey drive. She chases other dogs, cats, and really anything that moves. She's incredibly smart though, and eats a lot too!

Its pretty hard to take a good picture of her, since she's pitch black. She did have some scars when we found her (could be seen in some of the pics) but they have since cleared up. Now the problem is, we don't know what breed she is. We're guessing Pit bull mix? What do you guys think?


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She is a cutie and I say pit mix. Does she have webbed feet like a golden or lab? If she does then I would say pit lab mix. Bless you and your Dad for saving her and giving her a loving home.
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