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Hi all,

I have just rescued a golden retreiver which i believe is about 3-4 years old. Im awaiting a trip to the vets for them to give her the once over. The only problem i have with her is that when i come through the door she seems to urinate on the floor. She only seems to do this once until another person comes into the house and then she seems to do it again. Im hoping that she is excited to see new people but its becoming a bit of a problem.

Does anyone have any tips for me to try. I have also tried disciplining her and ignoring her but neither have worked.

Thanks for any help


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I have a rescued Golden named Liam. When I first got him he was about 1.5 years old and he too would do this. It was sort of a combination of excitement and submissive peeing. At the time I was told to come in the house and not pay attention to him for a couple of minutes. Then when I did see him to do it slowly and pet him under the chin first, not on the top of his head. Also have other people follow these same steps. I would say that over a few months he outgrew this and got well adjusted to his new home and new people.

Definately have your vet check her over first. When I first take a resceu dog to the vets the very first time I like to have a complete owrk up done with blodd drawn, as well as fecal and urine exam to rule out any issues with my new adopted dog.

Good luck and thanks for adopting a Golden that was in need of a good home.

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I think it's excitement and submissive wetting also. My Sam would do this but only when 1 person, my brother in law, would visit. Sam outgrew this once he became accustomed to my BIL coming over. We always attributed Sam's 'greeting' to the fact that my BIL is an excellent cook and Sam probably got an overwhelming snout full every time my BIL visited.

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Good idea to get the 'once over' at the vet....

However, it does sound like submssive urination....
Is she used to being crated? If so, when you come home....dont immediatey go to her crate and let her out.....dont even look at her for a while (10 minutes or so)....let her get over the inital excitement of you coming home....then casually go to her and let her out wtihout saying anything...just open the door and walk away...still ignoring her...

She is new to your home and is trying in the best way she can to figure out her place there.....

Please dont only makes it worse....she will only try to act more submissive and act out in other ways.

Really watch your body language...for some dogs....looking into their eyes is just too much....leaning over at the waist can be very intimidating....bend at the knees and crouch instead or sit in a chair. Keep your voice quiet and low pitched.

As Rob suggested...stroke under the chin or along the side of the face/body....not on the top of the head or along the spine..

Use Natures Miracle or other enzymatic cleaner to wipe up after her sprinkles.

Please be patient....know in your mind that she trying all she knows to appease you.
You are working with her to re-write her history, her biology and all that she knows to be may not see improvement for many months.

Repetition and consistency are your friends.

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You got some amazing advice!!

I was thinking she was scared, too, just did not have the correct terminology "submissive wetting". How upsetting to be "rehomed" almost halfway though your lifetime. My heart goes out to her. I am so glad she has you, now. Time and patience pays off...she sounds lovely!

Don't forgo the vet, though, just in case. Good luck!!
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