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I just left my vets with a copy of Urban Animal. It has an ad for the new Dallas Dog Park. The website is:
I looked at it and there aren't any location photos yet but the park is indoor/outdoor, with a day care option, grooming, dog supply store, cafe and lounge. They have a ton of requirements/releases/waivers. The cost is a one time $4.50 set up fee and $7.50 per day, all per dog.
It's obvious to me they are concerned about dog aggression and children being at the park. I'm not sure what they plan to do if they have a serious dog fight situation like what happened at the White Rock Dog Park last month.
All in all my guys just don't have the personality for dog parks, although they love the GRRNT picnics with the water, balls and people.
That being said, if any of the DFW gang wants to set up a Meet Up I'd love to attend, without dogs.
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