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HI! I don’t post often on this forum but wanted to let you all know how helpful this forum has been as I start my journey. I recently started doing some field training with my boy. To get this part out of the way, he is neutered and won’t be used for breeding. He is not exactly what someone would call a well bred boy, and shamefully I didn’t do my research. Lesson learned. But here he is and I love him and will give him the best and happiest life that I can. I was introduced to this world through a local golden retriever club and have fallen in love with it. I was able to volunteer for a hunt test and I was hooked. Met some wonderful people and friendships are forming. I went to the club’s next training day and learned so much, but know I have so so so much more to learn. I’ve been working with him on my own as much as I can. For now I am working with what I know, although I am sure I am doing something wrong. Anyway, just wanted to introduce my Sammy boy and hope to show you some successes in the near future! My main goal is too have some fun with my boy. I would love to be able to get a SH title, but obviously my goal now is JH so I’m focusing on that. MH at this moment is way over my head, but it’s all a learning process so hopefully you will hear differently from me at some point.😂. Any tips and advice are welcome! Photo credit: Sara Morrow View attachment 898002
Lovely, what a beautiful photo 😍
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