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New 8 week old Puppy

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My wife and I just brought home a new Golden Retriever Puppy last weekend. She has been great but I see all the concerns over the joints of our beloved Goldens. My question is, how old should Golden Retrievers be before allowing them to go up and down the stairs?

We have about 8 stairs off our back porch and that is where we take her out to " GO POTTY ". Is it OK to let her go up and down the steps at such an early age? Please let me know as I don't want to cause her future damage. Thanks
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We carry for awhile. Not sure how long. I think I did until about 14 weeks. But every so often he would do them on his own.
Hank is 9 weeks and getting way to heavy to carry not to mention he wiggles and tries to jump out of our arms. We let him go up/down stairs on his own.
As long as he is walking not running up and down the stairs, then I think he should be ok.
I would carry her until the weight issue is too much, but then, I'm a little overly cautious about joints:)
Congratulations on the new puppy! She's a cutie. :)
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