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Neutering with an undecended testicle

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My puppy has an undecended testicle. He is now 3 and a half months old. Everything I hear is that it is best to wait at least a year to have your puppy neutered, but should I have it done sooner since he has an undecended testicle? I would like to wait as long as possible, however if the health risks are too high I would rather do it sooner. I understand that the testicle can drop as late as 6 months or more, so hopefully his eventually shows up.
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Our Selka had an undescended testicle. We waited till he was one to neuter , I would have preferred to wait longer (18 months) but because the testicle had not come down yet the vet preferred to go ahead. He had to have abdominal surgery as the testicle was still way up inside. So he had two incisions: One in the scrotum for one testicle and the other in the abdomen. Selka did great.. you would never have known he had an abdominal surgery.

I think the reason they push for earlier neutering is the chance of cancer in the undescended testicle. Talk to your vet.
My vet usually wants to neuter asap except when they have an undescended testicle. I was advised to wait a year. Zeus too had the two inscisions. That was over 15 years ago, no sure if things have changed.
My husky had an undescended testicle. The vet recommended we have him neutered before 1. He said the testicle could cause a tumor or cancerous growth. He had two incisions just like the posts above. Recovery really wasn't a problem, he was just sore for a week or so.
Thanks for your input. During the first visit with the vet they recommended having him neutered at 6 months. I would like to wait longer if possible, at least a year. I have an appointment set up with the vet for shots and will bring up the neutering to them again then. I would like to wait however I do not want any tumors to develop.
Don't you have a breeder's contract? In ours it says that spaying/neutering should be done before the dog is 6 months old. So I guess we don't have a choice.
I'm sure your breeder would let you wait if your vet recommended it.
good luck with your pup.
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